Juan V. Antunez, CCIM, Civil Engineer, Master of Engineering

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About Juan V. Antunez, CCIM, Civil Engineer, Master of Engineering

This is the knowledge and experience that I will put to work for you. Accomplishments: • October 2010, I earned the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation from the CCIM Institute, one of the leading commercial real estate associations in the world • Master of Engineer, University of Florida, 1971. • Civil Engineer, University of Florida, 1970. • State General Contractor. Construction Estimator and builder from 1971 to 1976. • Real Estate Appraiser from 1976 to 2000. • Private Investigator from 1997 to 2003. • Ad Valorem Tax Appeal Agent from 1989 to 2003. • Realtor from 1976 to present. • Owned a Real Estate Appraisal & Real Estate Tax Appeal Co for 25 Years • Multimillion-Dollar Producer. • Assistant Manager the Keyes Company Commercial Division 2005 to present Miami has been my home since 1961. The only time that I have been away was when I was in the army and when I went to the University of Florida in Gainesville. I know my area and I know the values of properties in South Florida. From 1976 to 2000, I owned and operated a Real Estate Appraisal and Ad-Valorem Tax Appeal Company that evaluated over 15000 properties and reduced the real estate taxes of over 2000 properties in South Florida From 2001 to present I have been a Commercial Realtor. When you retain me as your Realtor I will; A- Give you useful market information for you to decide what to do. As part of the information that I will give you I will give you, using Hedonic Regression Analysis, the Predictive Sale Price of your Property at a 95% confidence level and the upper and lower value within a 95% confidence level. B- Mass market your property using my unique mass marketing system that could increase the sale price of your property, reduce its marketing time and increase the odds that it would sell. My main job is to; Provide you with useful market information. Maximize your wealth. To sell your property preferably to “Dumb-Money” rather than to “Smart-Money” By “Smart-Money” I mean the “Buyers” that make a living owning and operating apartment buildings. By “Dumb-Money” I mean the casual investor that makes a living doing something else and wants to put his money to work. Like a Foreign investor that is looking for a secure place to invest, Dentist, Doctor, Attorney, Businessmen, in general anybody that wants to earn more than the % that he is getting on a CD. To find the “Dumb-Money” you must do extensive Marketing a- List your property at the Sale Price that you want to put it for sale. One of the most important decisions for you to make. b- Make sure that your property receives extensive market exposure, leading to selling it at the highest price in the shortest time. Handle the sale of your property like if I was selling my own property Do you have any open permits or violations? If you do they need to be closed.

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